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Provider, Homemaker, or Child

family walking to barn

You are a child when you are born. At some point you grow out of that. Fast forward 30 years and now you are financial provider for your family or the homemaker. When you are a child you don't think of yourself as a provider; more like needing provision, needing righteousness.

If being a good provider or homemaker is your top identity then the righteousness attached to these identities will make or break you. Whatever top identity you fall back on is followed closely by it's righteousness, how much you do. "Sorry I forgot. Can't you see I've been taking care of the kids all day?" Sometimes your righteousness is thought, "I wish he would recognize how much I do." Acknowledging and thanking someone for what they do is good and encouraged, but it's not righteousness.

Your provider or homemaker identity is fragile. It can be attacked. It can be defended. You as Child, Christian, Son and Daughter of God- is secure and safe. You are not able to grow out of the righteousness attached to this identify. You don't have to defend when you fall back on this identity; God defends you; you don't have to attack; you can listen; you can love.

"Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!"

-1 John 3:1a

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