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Fort Worth Family Counseling: Modeling Conversation

family of four on beach

Parents are the main discipler and counselor of their kids. Let's say the husband tends to correct his teenage son with, "Because I said so." This is common. "Dad, why can't I stay at Eric's house?" "Because I said so."

Flip this pseudo-conversation around, "Son, how was your day today?" Son replies, "Good." "How was your history test?" Son replies, "Fine."

What's the problem? The son is doing what his dad is doing. If you, as the parent, value quietness more than conversation, then your teenage son will follow suit. Quietness in the house is safe but it does not build a relationship. The parent would not say he values quietness, yet his actions say he does.

What you say and how you say things either leads to quietness or conversation. Jesus modeled conversation to his disciples in parables (Matthew 13:13). Open up the conversation. Meet them at their level.

"A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher."

-Luke 6:40

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