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Family Counseling FAQS

Do all family members have to come to counseling?

Not all family members necessarily come to counseling at once. Sometimes family counseling involves only the parents or guardians. Sometimes it's just the children. All family members involved in counseling may have counseling together as well.

What family counseling issues do you see?

All kinds of family backgrounds come to counseling. We see those struggling with trauma, addiction, relational difficulty, misunderstandings, etc. Please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

How does Christian Counseling influence families?

God is the creator of all people, including personality and relational love. Christian counseling for families helps each member operate out of their design towards each other, to love. We are made to love each other. Counseling is a process and integrating God's design into your family takes time. Click here to learn more about Christian Counseling.

Is it important to have fun?

It's very important for family's to have fun together. This could involve sporting events, different activities, seasonal engagements, etc. "Fun" is more of a change agent for a family than a reward. 

Do you counsel children, pre-teens, and teens?

Yes! We see children as young as 5 years old, pre-teens, teens, and adults. Please give our Fort Worth office a call if you have any questions regarding age groups or speciality counseling within.

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