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Family Counselor
Fort Worth Texas

Family Counseling fees and general information

Counseling sessions last 50 minutes in duration and cost $135.00. 

We do not accept insurance at this time. If cost is a prohibiting factor for receiving counseling then please reach out. We hope to work with you. if we can't then we may be able to provide you with a referral.

We can offer you a free 15 minute phone consultation as well.


Teen Counseling



We are careful with identity. It is important to engage how the teen sees him/herself, God, and not just the behavior. 



We desire your teen to engage in loving relationships. We know this can be difficult. Healthy, loving relationships are important for change. 



Speak and counsel the truth in love. We seek to wise in content and how we say things (James 3:17). Our counseling is grounded in the truth of the Bible. 


"Celina was extremely kind and open with both of our children and was able to communicate with them effectively to help them meet their goals. Both of our children loved talking with her and looked forward to their counseling sessions. She was thoughtful and provided us feedback and solutions so that we could continue to work on issues at home in between sessions."

- J. K. 




"Thank you for all you have done!!! You have made the biggest impact of everyone we have seen!! We appreciate you"

- M. C. 

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